AUGUST 2, 2016

The Pawnee County Board of Equalization convened in session on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 in the Courthouse meeting room.  Present were Commissioners, Dennis Schaardt, Jan Lang, Ron Seitz, County Clerk Candi Nicholas and Assessor Jon Bailey.  Guests were June Hess, Vivian Cockrell, Ray and Dorothy Willis.  Chairman Schaardt opened the Board of Equalization at 9:00 a.m. and announced the open meeting law poster was posted on the east wall. Lang moved and Seitz seconded to approve the minutes from the Board of Equalization on July 19, 2016.  Motion carried. Seitz moved and Lang seconded to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried.


Jon gave information on an educational permissive exemption application for Jerry’s Dream Museum and Foundation.  Jon recommended that the application be denied due to not meeting the criteria for an education exemption. After discussion Seitz moved and Lang seconded to accept the recommendation of the Assessor and deny the 451 exemption application for Jerry’s Dream Museum & Foundation. Motion carried.


Jon discussed the request for hearing for Vivian Cockrell regarding the Notice of Rejection of Homestead Exemption.  Jon provided Ms. Cockrell with a blank medical form to have her doctor complete.  If completed in a manner to show Ms. Cockrell qualifies for the exemption, the exemption will be permitted.  No action was taken by the Board.


Jon provided the Board with a clerical error.  After discussion Lang moved and Seitz seconded to accept the 2016 valuation corrections on parcel 670000403 from $13600.00 to $10160.00, parcel 670001127 from $1920.00 to $5990.00 and make a tax roll correction on the 2015 taxes on parcel 670000402 from $244.10 to $171.04.  Motion carried. 


Adjourned 9:10 a.m.


S/ Dennis Schaardt

S/ Jan Lang

S/ Ron Seitz                                                    Attest:  Candi Nicholas, Pawnee County Clerk