††††††††††† In accordance with 77-1311 section 9, as amended by LB 263, the Pawnee County Assessorís office has made a sixĖyear plan to inspect properties in Pawnee County. The schedule of inspections is to be as follows

2015: County wide Commercial

2016: Residential in Townships of Turkey Creek, Steinauer, Clear Creek and Table Rock

2017: Residential in Townships of Mission Creek, West Branch, Clay and South Fork

2018: Residential in Townships of Plum Creek, Miles, Pawnee and Sheridan

2019: Pawnee City residential

2020: Burchard, Du Bois, Lewiston, Steinauer and Table Rock residential

††††††††††† The purpose of the inspections is to make sure all information on the property record card of each parcel is correct and to correct any information that is needed and to take an updated picture of the parcel. The Assessorís office shall then make any changes that are needed to have all parcels comply with the ruling and guidelines set forth by the statues of the Legislative body and the Department of Revenue, Property Tax Division.

††††††††††† This may include updated Marshall & Swift pricing, either Marshall & Swift or in house depreciation schedules, based on the study of sales rosters, that will give a uniform level of assessment to all classes and subclasses of property.

††††††††††† This schedule of events may change based on the need of the properties to meet the level of assessment set forth by the state or if the budgeted amount needed to make these inspections may change on a yearly basis.

Jonathan Bailey

Pawnee County Assessor